Seating at own risk

This sign at a restaurant warns of sitting outside. Well, you know me, I’m going to be the brave one who will, more often than not, throw caution to the wind. So I just plop myself down. Outside. Next to the sign. What could the big deal be, sitting outside? Looks normal. Tables. Chairs. Nice décor. Calm environment. Still looks normal. Kinda relaxing. Till the waiter comes, looks around before coming over to me, so I gotta know, what’s the deal with sitting outside? “Oh, you must look out for the snakes that can fall from the trees.”
So, I just get my little self up, trot my little self back to the door of the restaurant and ask if there’s still a table available INSIDE. He laughed and got me a seat. Away from the door.
Reminded me of church. Looks normal. There’s seats. Nice décor. Calm environment… that is until the snakes come out. The things that the enemy uses on those who come to ‘just have a seat and be comfortable’. Might be an usher, the song leader, or even the pastor or anything that can be used to disturb your spirit enough to make you want to get up, turn around and head for the door. That’s when you need to be strong enough on the inside to tell those snakes they have no power over you, no hold on you and no business being in your presence. The longer you sit there just waiting for the snakes to show up, you’re losing valuable time.

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